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If the website sales system failed or failed to be used due to Force Majeure or other uncontrollable reasons, the website will not be responsible for the failures to complete online transactions or to lose relevant information or records. But we will be as reasonable as possible to help deal with the aftermath  and try to reduce the possible economic losses to our customers.

This shop can be requested by the buyer's agent related transport procedures, but our duty is limited to delivery, logistics (postal) accident to assist the buyer inquiries, do not assume any compensation to the external customers, all queries are required to apply for all logistics (postal) ordinance. The buyer shall not claim compensation before the full period of logistics (postal). The buyer should verify the detailed address of the receipt and the consignee's telephone, so as not to delay delivery. All purchases in this shop are considered as if this statement is intended.

Customer supervision

We hope that through unremitting efforts, we will provide the best service for our customers. We accept the supervision of our customers in the whole process of providing service to our customers.

Dispute handling

If there is any disputes between the customers and the website, it can be solved according to the agreement or relevant laws identified by the parties at the time.

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