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How to register?

Answer: you can directly click "member registration" to register. The registration is very simple. You only need to enter some basic information as required by the registration wizard. In order to serve you accurately, be sure to fill in your true information at the time of registration and we will keep it confidential for you. The input account must be 4-10, only the English letter, the number "-".

How do you become a member?

Answer: you can directly click "member login and registration" to register. Registration is very simple, you only need to enter the relevant information according to the prompts, please fill out the forms, be sure to check the accuracy of information, and remember your member ID and password, so that you can query or wish to order your web site to provide more service to check your identity.

How to purchase and how to operate a process?

Answer: It is very similar to the way you go shopping. You only need to browse according to our commodity classification page, or enter "transistor ", "BOM list" and so on to search. Once you find the products you like, you can click on the "basket" button at any time to put it in the "shopping cart". Then, you can press "go to the cashier". According to our rich products, we have a very detailed navigation bar in each page. You won't get lost. ))


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