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How to order goods?

You can first browse our website to understand the goods. If you catch something you are interested in, you can make an order directly on our website. You can also contact our customer service represantives on our website to order.

I feel good after seeing your goods on the website, but I don't often surf the Internet. Can you send me some pictures and introduce them to me?

Our website will send an email to the member of the products information on a regular basis. If you have not yet become a member of our member, you can register directly on our website. It is very convenient.

Why here?

We are a website with long time experience in retail business.
We will bring you high quality goods and more favorable prices.
A variety of payment methods and rapid national distribution;
Humanized in exchanging products;

All products are well packed.

I like all your products very much. I have bought a lot of them, but how long will your products be out of stock ? Will  your have more new stock ?

The online customer purchases is relatively large, the goods may be out of stock at any time, you can contact us directly for the customer service website booking orders.

Can all the products be purchased on the website?

At present, we still haven't upload all of our products on the site yet. Some hot products can also make an appointment through our website. When products arrive, we will inform you by phone or email immediately.

Why do you want to register a member?

Only registered users can order on the Internet and enjoy a favorable price.
Only registered users can log in to the "membership center", use more members' shopping functions, and manage their own information.
Only registered users can leave messages to other registered friends on the Internet.

Only registered users will be able to get the gifts we give.

What to do if you forget your password?

In order to protect the interests of customers, we can not see your password.  When you forget your password, please login to the registration page, click on "forget the password", the system will automatically tell you your password through email, you can log in to the "member center" to change the password to ensure your interests.

What is the integral? What's the effect?

The level of the score is the reflection of your attention and support to us. The scores are produced by ordering goods. For high score customers, we will have some incentives, such as scores to exchange commodities, integral deduction price, gift products, and more favorable prices to buy products, so as to give back to our customers.

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